Core Values


Connect is a relationship with God and others. 
A relationship with God is more than a belief in God. He wants to be connected with us in every part of our life, to interact on a daily basis. As His followers we are called to connect with others, believers and non-believers. Encouragement and accountability is gained through connection with other believers. Fulfilling the mission of Christ is gained through sharing Christ’s love with non-believers.
 This happens by being involved in a Connection Group


Grow in the saving grace, knowledge and faith of Jesus Christ. 
Mankind is not perfect but we serve a perfect God. We want to grow closer to Him. To better know Him. To better trust Him. To fully accept Christ’s authority over our lives. The Bible is one of God’s many gifts to His children that will impart wisdom and help guide us as we seek to live our lives for Christ. Salvation is only received through accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.


Serve selflessly in the community and Church. 
The Great Commission calls the followers of Jesus Christ to go to all the ends of the earth, to teach, baptize and make other disciples. We are not called to only worry about ourselves, but to go to those who don’t know Christ. This can be accomplished by serving right where you live, work, and play. We want to be a church that serves like Christ.


Love people one at a time. 
God’s greatest action toward mankind is love. All that God does and has done: creation, sending the prophets, Jesus dying on the cross, giving the Holy Spirit…can all be explained as His love for His children.  We are to follow His lead. We love one person at a time, no matter who that is or where they may be.


Pray without ceasing.  A continual interaction of communication with God. 
Prayer or meditation is the most universally accepted form of communication with God. We have the ability to converse with the Father, the creator of the universe, anytime we want. The Bible says the prayers of the saints are like incense, a sweet fragrance to God. He hears our prayers and interacts on our behalf for His glory. Praying does not mean that He will answer the way we want Him to, but through prayer we share our hearts desire and know what God desires in us. We believe in the power of prayer.