Ministry Staff


Jody Pitterle: Administrative Assistant

Born & raised in Mesa & Apache Junction Arizona, Jody married Paul Pitterle in 1987.  After having 3 children (Travis, Elias & Bailey) they were looking for a college for Paul to get his education as well as a better place to raise their family and settled on OPSU in Goodwell, OK in July of 2000.  Jody was a stay at home mom & Paul worked full time for Henri C. Hitch as a night watchman, managing to get his degree in Animal Science-Nutrition with honors.  They moved back to Arizona for 2 yrs, but returned to Oklahoma in 2009, this time settling in Texhoma where Paul returned to work for Hitch at the Pork Feed Mill.  The family joined FCC on Valentines Day in 2010.  A few months later in April Jody accepted a part time position as secretary at First Christian Church, where she happily serves & claims to all who will listen, “I LOVE my job: I get to see my favorite people and hang out at Gods house;  My boss is God & my supervisor is a man who “Rides for the Brand” by preaching Gods word boldly—in love & humility! What’s not to Love?”